Asientalk 13.09.

China as assertive neighbour

Journalists from Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia discuss about a difficult neighbour for Southeast Asia: China.

Truely helpful? Bild: Reuters

From a Southeast Asian perspective China is the elephant in the room. Nobody wants to have trouble with Beijing, instead everybody looks for Chinese investments, tourists and lucrative trade deals.

When: Fr., 13.09.2019, 7 p.m.

Where: taz conference room

1st floor

Friedrichstraße 21

10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Free admission

But how to evade new dependencies and how to balance Chinese powerplay? How fair is a dominant China treating its neighbours? Where does Beijing help, where does it create trouble? What role do the Chinese diaspora and anti-Chinese ressentiments play? Who pays the price for China´s quest for raw materials, water and energy ressources and its cheap exports flooding the whole region? How do Chinese divide-and-rule tactics effect the ASEAN community?

Discussion in English with journalistst from Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia participating in a workshop of the taz Panterstiftung.

Moderator: Sven Hansen, taz-editor Asia-desk

An event by the taz Panterstiftung in cooperation with Han Sens Asientalk and the Federal Foreign Office