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Why People of Color prefer to fight by themselves, rather than being patronized


In which contexts do alliances make sense and in which do solo actions? How can we create spaces that are immune to the look from the outside?

We are tackling these important questions with perspectives from the arts, the sciences and from activism. When anti-racist PoC groups want to form without the presence of white supporters, the accusation of particularism is usually not far. Why self involvement is important for the struggle, how safer spaces can be created and how one can deal sensitively with criticism from the inside, will be discussed amongst others by the artist and theorist Grada Kilomba, the director and musician Nirit Sommerfeld, the sociologist and political scientist Akwugo Emejulu as well as by the activist and co-organiser of the Cutie.BPoC festival, Alexia/Nahuel Apolinario.

This event will take place in English.
An event in co-operation with „Missy Magazine“.


Tag: 02.04.2016
Anfang: 11:00 Uhr
Dauer: 01:45
Raum: Café Global



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