Stawiska, kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship, Stawiska, kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship, Poland

Obóz dla Klimatu 2019 / Climate Camp 2019 Poland

We are super excited to invite you to the next Camp for Climate, which will take place from July 16 to 21! We have 11 years left - at best - to end our relationship with coal. For years now, scientists have warned us of the catastrophic consequences of global warming and climate change. Our house is on fire. At present, global warming has caused a temperature increase of almost 1.5 degrees celsius above the pre-industrial revolution average. We are heading for warming between 2 and 5 degrees - we are heading for climate breakdown. At this moment, Poland's actions are contradictory to the general decarbonisation of Europe and the world. This is leading to an increase in the environmental damage associated with burning lignite, including landscape changes and changes in waterways. We do not agree to this. Once again we will meet in a region damaged and dried out by the presence of open-pit brown coal mines. During the Camp for Climate, lectures and workshops will take place, we will get together with activists from around the world, we will draw on our experiences and we will plan our departure from coal together. During the camp, we will create a space for discussions and activities for: - co-education - self-organization in the fight against the exploitation of people and nature - establishing contacts between various groups - civil disobedience We are an informal group of people convinced that the root cause of climate change is the systematic exploitation of people and nature. The need to fight for social and climate justice is our driving force and the most important reason for organizing the Camp for Climate 2019.