Plac Wolności, Katowice. Polen

March for Climate - Marsz dla Klimatu - Poland

WAKE UP! IT'S TIME TO SAVE OUR HOME! With this slogan we will gather at five minutes to twelve on 8th December in Katowice. The scientists are warning that our Home is in danger due to the greenhouse gases we have been emitting to atmosphere for centuries. They are telling us: we don't have a second to waste! It's five minutes to twelve! Here you will find information how to get involved: We are a group of organisations and individuals that decided to organize a March fo Climate during UNFCCC COP24 summit in Katowice. We want to reach hearts and minds of humans in Poland and abroad and instill our politicians with courage to act boldly and fast. WAKE THEM UP! Let's wake up entrepreneurs and consumers, who think they can burn fossil fuels and run business as usual for decades more, while the nature gives us clear signs that nothing is as usual any more. WAKE THEM UP! Let's wake up our fellow citizens, especially those who suffer from air pollution every day, but still believe that coal dependency means energy security. WAKE THEM UP! Let's wake up our youth, who needs to get angry that their future is going up in smoke. WAKE THEM UP! We call on all inhabitants of our planet - Let's wake up all those who are asleep when our Home is burning. Bring your testimonies and join us. Take clocks, take drums, take frying pans and spoons, take everything you've got and help us make the noise. LET'S WAKE THEM UP! Here you will find information how to get involved: