New York City, New York City, USA

Help us count the nuclear weapons money

Paying the Price – for Weapons of Mass Extinction Moving the money to areas of human need New York, May 10-16, 2018 ONE TRILLION DOLLARS is being spent to modernize the nuclear arsenals of nine countries over the next 10 years. WE’RE GOING TO SHOW THE SCALE of this investment and how it could be devoted to peace and humanitarian needs, rather than the threat of nuclear annihilation. WHILE GOVERNMENTS MEET AT THE UNITED NATIONS for the first ever UN High-Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament WE’RE GOING TO COUNT THE MONEY: By hand, $100million per minute in $1million dollar notes. In front of the United Nations and at other publicly visible places in New York City. Counting will take 7 days and nights. YOU CAN HELP Join a team of two to count for half an hour or more. Teams will include people of all ages, nations, backgrounds; celebrities, activists, politicians, UN officials, diplomats, artists, religious leaders, sportspeople, refugees and others. ARTISTS ARE DESIGNING THE CURRENCY Artists from a range of countries are designing the $1 million currency notes. THE EVENT WILL BE LIVE~STREAMED so that anyone in the world can follow the counting and learn what benefits this money could bring if re-directed to economic, social and environmental needs. Sponsors: This event is sponsored by the Basel Peace Office, Global Security Institute, Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, UNFOLD ZERO and the World Future Council. Contact: Project director: Gene Seidman, +1 917 597-2970. Project conceived by: Holger Güssefeld, World Future Council