University of Turin, Turin, Italy


This international conference is promoted by the University of Turin and Sereno Regis Center to commemorate Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary.
The conference aims to foster a critical debate on Gandhi’s figure and legacy involving the academic community and peace activists, environment activists and civil rights movements inspired by Gandhian views.
We aim to highlight unprecedented interpretations and innovative concrete experiences, including the controversial aspects of Gandhi’s ideas and political experience.
We encourage the participation of scholars, activists and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and fields such as, but not limited to: history, political science, social sciences, laws, economics, environment, civil rights, philosophy, humanities and area studies. It covers a time span ranging from Gandhi’s time to the present and an area far beyond India’s borders, across five continents.

The conference will be opened by Ramachandra Guha’s key note speech

The conference will be organized in 4 sessions on the following topics:

  • Gandhian grass root movements and their experiences
  • Gandhian peace and civil rights movements in a global dimension
  • Gandhian political view, experience, legacy and influence worldwide, past and present
  • Gandhi’s legacy in present-day India