taz Kantine, Berlin

Ethnic Conflict, Political Islam and Power in Indonesia

In 1998 the Indonesian people managed to force the Suharto-dictatorship from power. The mostly moderate Islamic society has democratized since, but at the same time become more radicalized and turned intolerant towards minority groups.

Some extremists use violence to advance their agendas while Islamist politicians promote the enforcement of Sharia provisions and challenge the idea of Indonesian nationalism.

About these developments we will have a discussion with Andreas Harsono.

Andreas Harsono, Jakarta, is a former journalist and the Indonesia-researcher of Human Rights Watch. He is one of the most quoted analysts of the developments there and will talk about the findings of his latest book about ethnic and religious violence and analyse the outcome of the April 17 elections.

Moderator: Sven Hansen, Asia-editor of taz

A cooperation of taz and han sens Asientalk

Bild: AP