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The car roof tents lead the market.
There was initially no competition between the hard shell models and fabric tents, roof tents, so that both tents were presented together at the same stand at the 1959 trade fairs, first in Milan and then in Cuneo. “Maggiolina” and “AirCamping” represented an extraordinary idea and at that time they were very successful for the technical inventions that remain unchanged after 60 years. Despite the subsequent rooftop business quarrel about the 'paternity' of the patent, the model <a href="https://www.autohome-official.com/de/">dachzelt</a>  got “air-camping” - gradually, always more into the field of view of larger crowds and finally became a symbol for adventure and extreme camping through the daring ventures of Nino Cirani. This Italian outdoor accessory was made under license in many countries: from Brazil to Canada, in France, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. The car roof tents had conquered the world market.

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