taz conference room, Berlin-Kreuzberg

China an assertive neighbour

From a Southeast Asian perspective China is the elephant in the room. Nobody wants to have trouble with Beijing, instead everybody looks for Chinese investments, tourists and lucrative trade deals.

But how to evade new dependencies and how to balance Chinese powerplay? How fair is a dominant China treating its neighbours? Where does Beijing help, where does it create trouble? What role do the Chinese diaspora and anti-Chinese ressentiments play? Who pays the price for China´s quest for raw materials, water and energy ressources and its cheap exports flooding the whole region? How do Chinese divide-and-rule tactics effect the ASEAN community?

Discussion in English with journalistst from Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia participating in a workshop of the taz Panterstiftung.

Moderator: Sven Hansen, taz-editor Asia-desk

An event by the taz Panterstiftung in cooperation with Han Sens Asientalk and the Federal Foreign Office

Free admission

Further Information: https://taz.de/Discussion-1309/!169311/ and https://www.facebook.com/events/479266612628265/

Photo: Reuters