Bourse du Travail, Paris, Frankreich

3rd Antinuclear World Social Forum 2017

04.11.2017 - 06.11.2017

Since the first World Social Forum (WSF) held at Porto Alegre in 2001, the anti-globalization movement has expanded and consolidated. The first Antinuclear Social Forum was held in spring 2016 in Tokyo, where a « Call for a nuclear-free world network » was launched. In Montréal, the second Antinuclear Forum took place within the WSF. .

En 2017, the third Antinuclear World Social Forum will take place in France, the most nuclearized country in the world.

For all nuclear issues to be debated, we invite you to attend this international meeting. We will share our experiences and discuss together on the means to make possible the emergence of a world free of nuclear weapons and nuclear power generation.