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India under Modi 2.0

Under Modis government minorities are experiencing growing pressure. Is Indias democracy under threat?

The Indian parliamentary elections unveil a clear winner: For the second time the Hindu nationalist BJP got a strong mandate. Their man, Narendra Modi, is promoting the “Hindu way of life“ and distributing gas cylinders to the poor. But critics are sounding alarm bells of early “fascism” in India.

What impact will the second term have on the minorities, who have faced social and systemic discrimination during Modi's first five years? What makes him and his party so strong? What changes are taking place in the Indian society and culture? Is the world's biggest democracy under threat?

Discussion with

Natalie Mayroth, taz correspondent for India, Mumbai,

Kennith Rosario, reporter and culture writer, The Hindu, Mumbai,

Aaquib Khan, political reporter, among others The Wire, Mumbai,

Host: Sven Hansen, taz editor Asia-desk

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