Israels Plads, København K, Dänemark

Climate Alarm - Kopenhagen, Dänemark

All alarm clocks are ringing when it comes to the climate crisis but we still have the time to act upon it! The message from IPCC is that it is still possible to limit global warming to 1.5°C, and thus reduce the damage that climate change induce on us and Earth - but we need to act now. Significant and immediate measures are needed along with specific plans to drastically reduce greenhouse gasses in all sectors. On December 8th 2018, coinciding with the COP24 Conference (UNFCCC) in Poland is the day where we meet in a common international action under the theme: CLIMATE ALARM. The idea is to let out voices resonate together when we meet at demonstrations around the globe as a serious wake-up call to people and governments of all countries, and especially to the politicians participating in the negotiations at COP24 i Poland. At this point, 92 corresponding actions are planned in cities of France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Canada, United States, Italy, Sweden and Japan. In Copenhagen, we will bring along bikes so that we can ring our bells as a strong Copenhagen sign that the climate alarm is ringing now. We meet December 8th 4pm at Israels Plads and walk with our bikes at Nørregade towards Vor Frue Plads where we will have a speech and take a picture. Bring also your bike lights, especially the red ones, then we will use the red lights to create a strong picture for sharing with our fellow climate activists throughout the world and of course, with the politicians participating in COP24 in Poland.