Humboldt University Main Building, Hörsaal 1072, Berlin

IPB Youth Network Event on International Day of Peace: "Challenges for Peace in the World"

This year’s International Day of Peace may be conducted in one of the most challenging times of the 21st century. We see the powers striving for the rise of old conflicts and rivalries, nationalisms as well as massive armament paired with growing injustices in the world. At the same time we see the further developing of peacebuilding, civil conflict resolution and a strengthening of the United Nations and other peaceful and democratic structures. We invite you to the public event Challenges for Peace in the World organized by IPB and IPBYN. The objective of this event is to highlight and analyze challenges for peace in the world, as well as discuss and strengthen alternatives and ways to create a positive living for future generations. Find the programme posted below. For logistical purposes, please register with us at

PROGRAMME Public Event: Challenges for Peace in the World

Venue: Humboldt University, Main Building Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin Room: Hörsaal 1072

17:30 Welcome and Introduction by IPBYN and IPB 17:50 Greetings by IPBYN South-America Greetings by the German Society for the UN 18:10 Climate and Conflict Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheffran, University of Hamburg 18:35 Insight on the Korean conflict 19:00 Nuclear disarmament Anne Balzer, ICAN Germany 19:25 Break 19:45 Insight on the Iran conflict Prof. em. Dr. Mohssen Masserrat, University of Osnabrück 20:05 Positive Approaches to Peace Agata Stajer, Youth Peace Ambassadors Network; Alive Peace 20:30 Steps towards a peaceful world World Café with the speakers 21:15 End

Dr. Mohssen Masserrat will talk in German, we will try to organize translation upon request.